Sunday, February 1, 2009

Catholic Schools Week

Well, sorry for the delay in really kicking this blog off! It has been an amazingly busy two weeks for me, first with the preparations and then the actual week of activities getting Brother to all the schools. Let me tell you a bit about what we did....

We plan each year to bring in a Brother to lead children at various schools in our Diocese of Wichita, Kansas. This year it was fantastic! Br Gabriel Thomas joined us and was able to lead over 2400 children in 5 whirlwind days!

The differences in the schools is amazing! Some, and actually most of the schools here have atleast one day per month where the children are brought in to the church for adoration. They are led by either parent volunteers or teachers. I will talk more about that in future posts. But for now I will show you a few pictures from this fantastic week here.... more later...... :-)

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