Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear Friends,

Questions from Fr. Antoine to help one another deepen our insight on the Passion of Jesus-Christ

1/ Can we understand what the Mystery of Christmas is without finding what the Mystery of the Passion of Christ is?

2/ St Thomas Aquinas ask us: “Whether it was necessary for Christ to suffer for the deliverance of the Human race?

3/ “Whether there was any other possible way of delivering man?

4/“Whether it was the most suitable means?

5/ “ Whether it was fitting for Christ to suffer on the cross?

I encourage all the “searchers for truth” to spend some time researching the answers to those few questions which you can find in the Summa Theologica, Pt III-Q. 46

The positive effect will be to contemplate the mysteries of our salvation with our intelligence and heart instead of just going into the motion while attending the Liturgy of the Triduum!

God bless you all. Fr.Antoine - “ Father, consecrate them in the truth” (John 17) -


  1. thank you for posting! we are out here reading and contemplating! :)


    a link for the summa. :)