Thursday, May 29, 2014

Schools Out!

For most of us school is out!  If you are like me I enjoy the break from routine but it also allows for more time with my children and I can have a better prayer schedule with them with all the extra time.  Usually during the year my kids have adoration time at school, but once that is over it is even more important for me to make the effort to take them to the chapel.  Often times we can make a visit to Jesus before heading to the pool or library.  Any time you are heading out the door is a good time for a quick visit to see Jesus and pray!  :)  You don't have to stay for an hour, I suggest you go more often for short visits, it helps the kids to develop their prayer life and trust in Jesus. 

Here are two photos from our last adoration day at school for this year at St Francis of Assisi parish in Wichita, Kansas.

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